The Sales Gong

How Modern Sales Teams Celebrate

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What Is The Sales Gong?

Does your company have a remote or distributed sales team?

Remember the good old days when we all worked in the same place?

One of your salespeople would close a big deal and the celebrations would begin immediately! High fives…popping a bottle of champagne...or even ringing a sales bell in the office. We miss those days…

One of the things we struggle with most as sales leaders in today’s remote environment is celebrating successes and fostering healthy competition within our teams.

This is why we created The Sales Gong…

With The Sales Gong, when one of your salespeople closes a deal, they can alert the rest of the team by hitting the virtual sales gong on their phone. The gong will sound on your team’s devices and the celebration can begin…no matter where they are!

The Sales Gong is available from the Apple app store and on Google Play. It’s a great way to rally your team and costs less than a round of celebratory drinks!

Check it out today.

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